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Volleyball Equipment - Evolution of Volleyball

Every thing listed here is basically what you need to play volleyball . The long socks protect your legs because your not wearing pants you are either wearing shorts / spandex . The volleyball equipment is very important because you need: a gym floor , a volleyball net, two poles for the volleyball net to hold up , a headband, shorts / spandex , elbow pads,knee pads , tennis shoes , and the most important thing of all... the VOLLEY -BALL .

Volleyball: History, Rules, Court and Equipment

History of Volleyball It is assumed that volleyball emerged due to William G. Morgan, a P.E. teacher at one of the colleges in Holyoke (USA). In 1895, at one of his lessons, he hung the net (about 2 meters high) and suggested that his students throw a basketball camera over it.

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There are many different types of training equipment for volleyball available. A great piece of training equipment for beginners is called the volleyball pal. The volleyball pal is a velcro strap that wraps around a player's waist. Attached to the strap is a ball, held up by an elastic cord and a pouch.

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Published: 05 December, 2018. Volleyball was invented in 1895 by William G. Morgan as a less-strenuous alternative to basketball for middle-aged men. The sport began as a loose conglomeration of several other sports, incorporating equipment and ideas from badminton, tennis and basketball.

History of Volleyball | Invented 1895 | History Behind Volleyball

Beach Volleyball History Read about important milesstones in the history of beach volleyball. Beach Volleyball Invented-1920's - 50's Read about beginnings of beach volleyball in 1920's - 50's. Sand Volleyball - 1950's - 1994 Commercial tournaments. Becoming an Olympic Sport History of Beach Volleyball - Becoming an Olympic Sport Interesting events in 1990's and 2000's.

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1895: William G. Morgan (1870-1942) created the game of volleyball but called the game Mintonette. 1896: The first exhibition match of volleyball is played at Springfield College (called International YMCA Training school in 1896). 1900: A special ball was designed for the sport.

History of The Volleyball Ball: From 1895 to today

Evolution of the Indoor Volleyball Ball: Construction of The Volleyball. Spalding Sports Company is stated to be the original designer of the first official volleyball ball. It was made of genuine leather with a circumference of 65 cm. The average weight of the ball is 270 grams.

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The gold medal for the men goes to the USSR, and the women to Japan. Volleyball was introduced to the Olympic Games in Tokyo. (The Japanese volleyball used in the 1964 Olympics, consisted of a rubber carcass with leather paneling. A similarly constructed ball is used in most modern competition.) 1965